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  • 企業理念, Our Value

    Our Value

Our Value

The story begins with...

It has been 33 years since I entered the cosmetics industry. Yes, I grew up in a cosmetics factory founded by my parents. It's funny to say, our family's heirloom is a "basin". Since I was a child, I have listened to the bosses of major brands and distributors discussing the sales status and operation mode of this industry. I also developed products with my parents and educated market operators. Since I was a child, I have deeply felt that "Made In Taiwan" is something to be proud of! But, unfortunately, as I grew up, I gradually realized the challenges of MIT products in the global market. Unchangeable high tariffs and several failures made my heart skip a beat. In desperation, I questioned my abilities and contemplated giving up, but just then, the phone rang.

Vic, on the other end of the phone, said to me excitedly, "Tooony! I have gained the qualification of the exclusive agency of the Grasse Institution of Perfumery in Taiwan; they are leaders in the perfumery industry!"

Looking back, the luckiest thing was Vic's invitation, because of him, DQNN could establish success. It also includes up to 10 wonderful failure experiences before, and the records of these experiences are also hung on the wall of my office, to remind myself every day, to be fully prepared for the next step. I realized that only by reminding myself of my past failures can I learn from them, reflect on them, and face future challenges.

I want to express my gratitude to Vic for giving me this opportunity and giving me the courage to start DQNN! Now, the story of DQNN truly begins...

The story begins with... 進入保養品產業至今滿 33 年了。是的,我在父母創立的保養品廠長大,說起來好笑,我們家的傳家之寶是一個『盆子』。小時候就開始聽各大品牌商、通路商的老闆們討論產業的銷售和營運。以及跟者自己父母親一起研發保養品、對市場進行教育到大。從小就深深地覺得 Made In Taiwan 是一件傲骨的事情!帶著那份傲骨和熱血走上國際。但無奈的是,長大的過程中,我漸漸體悟到 MIT 保養品在國際上的無奈。無法改變的關稅門檻以及數次讓心臟漏了好幾拍的失敗。在無奈中認定自己是不是沒能力,在選擇放棄之際,Line 電話響起。電話另一頭的何宗禧 Vic 雀躍地跟我說『Tooony!我跟你說!我拿到了法國 GIP 調香學院的台灣總代理,他們是調香產業的龍頭!』  回首至今,最幸運的就是有 Vic 的邀約吧!才會有了 東區暖男香氛室 的成立。在這之前還包括了精彩的 10 次失敗的經驗,這部份也被我掛在辦公室的牆上,每天提醒自己為每一步做好準備。我發現,提醒自己曾經的失敗,才能從中學習、反省並且迎接第 11 次的挑戰!

Born for Taiwan, Burning for Fragrance!

DQNN's Vision

Not long after launching DQNN, we faced the three-year challenge of Covid-19. During that time, we began to organize our collection of fine fragrance treasures and gradually established connections with France and Japan for online fragrance education and teaching material planning, while also promoting the value of Taiwan.

Every day, we are exploring and pushing our boundaries, not just in the realm of fragrance education, but also in the extension of culture. Over the past three years, we have constantly pondered how far we can go, how far our influence can reach, and how we can transform ourselves into an invisible force and establish the value of NuanNan.

DQNN and I, Tooony, are not simply seeking to make money. Whether it is tens of thousands or hundreds of millions, money has never been my primary motivation. My passion comes from the desire to convey Taiwanese values, fueled by courage and enthusiasm, and driven by the vision of creating a better future for Taiwanese culture. When we gather like-minded partners and have the resources to implement change, the inner surge of anticipation and exploration becomes the driving force behind our progress.

"Fragrance Education" is not just our job; it is our mission. We are enthusiastic about contributing to Asian fragrance culture, even if our name is not etched in history.

This desire fuels our drive to continuously seek breakthroughs and engage in discussions with new fragrance factories to explore new possibilities. We will always hold on to this passion, regardless of the challenges or the possibility of failure. This embodies the spirit of Nuan Nan in the Eastern District, and our vision is "Born for Taiwan, burning for fragrance!"

DQNN's cultural norms are rooted in the pursuit of a greener life.

DQNN's Principle

We are filled with enthusiasm and possess strong execution capabilities, but we also acknowledge the importance of aligning with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to achieve our objectives in the most eco-friendly manner. As I reflect on my life's growth process, I consider the cultural norms that DQNN must embody to realize this vision. It is essential that the core culture of DQNN remains unaffected and does not require adjustments due to the various courses, services, and partners we may encounter in the future. These cultural norms will serve as DQNN's unique guiding principles from upstream to downstream, encompassing raw materials to finished products, the R&D process, as well as the overall experience and learning journey.

The establishment of these cultural norms stems from my personal growth experiences, what I have observed and learned in the cosmetics industry, and the values instilled in me through my upbringing. These guidelines have been an integral part of my practices throughout my career, as I've been engaged in formula research and development, market education, and hands-on investigations over an extended period.

This time, I have compiled all the elements and sorted out the core principles by repeatedly confirming the aspirations of the warm-hearted people in the East District for the next 10 years. I have also considered the expected contributions of each service to the fragrance industry. The three core principles that emerged are as follows:

1. Simplifying Complexity. 2. Cherishing Recipes. 3. Living Green.

化繁為簡:在東區暖男,我們有一種核心的信念,那就是『化繁為簡』。如果事情變得過於複雜,我們寧可支付代價,簡化它。這是我們的精神,我們的『態度』。先『收集資訊』,然後進行『資訊彙整』,再用簡明易懂的『A4 報告』呈現,然後不斷的『檢視』、『回溯』。在東區暖男,這個態度不僅是必須的,也是我們的經驗法則。  我們的產品,每一種香氛,都受到每一個成分的影響,即使是微小的 1ppm 添加量也能影響整體結果。因此,如果我們不將過程化繁為簡,那將是一個永無止境的探索。我們的課程內容,也是經過這種態度下的研究、收集和評估,提煉出最精華的部分,並在充分評估風險後勇敢嘗試。

Simplifying Complexity

Principle One

At DQNN, we have a core belief that "simplifies complexity". If something gets too complicated, we'd rather simplify it. This is our spirit. "Collect information" first, then "compile information", and finally present it in a concise and easy-to-understand "A4 report", and then continue to "check" and "backtrack". At DQNN, this attitude is not only necessary, but also our rule of thumb.

Our products, every fragrance, is influenced by every single ingredient, and even the tiny addition of 1ppm can affect the overall result. So it would be a never-ending quest if we don't simplify the process. The content of our courses is also researched, collected, and evaluated under this attitude to extract the most essential parts, and to try bravely after fully assessing the risks.

愛惜配方:在東區暖男,我們深知只有一個地球,我們有責任共同保護它。因此,我們將這個概念融入我們的第二個準則中 —『愛惜配方』。我們深信每一種香氛,每一份配方,都代表著一種尊重與責任,每一種香氛的完美結合,不僅需要尊重每一個成分的個性,也需要優雅的兼顧環境的承受力。  我們為這種尊重與愛護,付出了實際的行動。堅持使用最優質的原料,並尊重每一個成分的價值。並確保在整個生產過程中,配方設計盡可能地減少對環境的影響。我們注重易用性和高效性,並通過持續的創新和優化,確保我們的配方可以最大限度地發揮效用,同時降低對地球的影響。  『只有一個地球』一起愛護它,在東區暖男,『愛惜配方』不僅僅是單純的準則,也是我們對這個世界的尊重和責任。

Cherishing Recipes

Principle Two

At DQNN, we know that there is only one earth, and we have a responsibility to protect it together. Therefore, we incorporated this concept into our second guideline "Cherishing Recipes". We firmly believe that every fragrance and every formula represents a kind of respect and responsibility. The perfect combination of each fragrance not only needs to respect the individuality of each ingredient, but also needs to be elegant and consider the environmental tolerance.

For this kind of respect and love, we have paid practical actions. Insist on using only the highest quality ingredients and respect the value of each ingredient. And to ensure that throughout the production process, the formula design minimizes the impact on the environment. We focus on ease of use and efficiency, and through continuous innovation and optimization, we ensure our formulations maximize their effectiveness while reducing our impact on the planet.

"There is only one earth" and cherish it together. In DQNN, the "Cherishing formula" is not only a simple criterion, but also our respect and responsibility for this world.

Living Green

Principle Three

Since 2019, our sustainable goal has been the foundation for creating a sustainable cycle of green life.

Starting from May 2019, DQNN has embarked on a new path of sustainable development. We not only envision a green life but also actively put that vision into action. Our commitment lies in addressing the issue of overproduction in the cosmetics industry. Guided by the goal of "A Greener Lifestyle," we strive to use and produce products efficiently while safeguarding the environment.

"When the wrong fragrance meets the product, the degree of pollution is more terrifying than plastic."

According to data released by Commonwealth Magazine in the same year, nearly 1 billion kilograms of cosmetics are discarded globally every year. Through in-depth investigations, DQNN has identified three main reasons for this phenomenon: ① overproduction, ② impulse shopping, and ③ pungent fragrance.

The disposal of incompletely used cosmetics and skincare products inflicts far greater harm to the environment than plastic waste. Firstly, unopened and unused products are discarded, leading to direct material wastage. Secondly, the production process of cosmetics involves a substantial amount of chemical substances and energy consumption, and these costs translate into environmental damage when the products are discarded. Lastly, due to the unique nature of cosmetics, it is challenging to effectively recycle and reuse these discarded products, resulting in irreversible environmental pressure.

"Implementing SDGs Article 12: DQNN's Blueprint for a Sustainable Green Life"

At DQNN, we have established a sustainable cycle of green life based on the guiding principles of SDGs Article 12.

First and foremost, we prioritize helping users understand fragrances, essential oils, essences, and relevant regulations, while also offering customized product planning tailored to their needs. This pivotal step embodies our commitment to Responsible Production.

Once users have these products in hand, they can incorporate them into their daily lives or share them as thoughtful gifts. When the product is eventually used up, we actively encourage consumers to participate in recycling and proper waste sorting. Furthermore, we offer refill options and actively seek to reduce plastic consumption, allowing the products to be returned to DQNN to complete the cycle. This comprehensive approach demonstrates our dedication to Responsible Consumption.

Through these actions, we have crafted a blueprint for realizing a green life, integrating the values of sustainability, responsibility, and environmental consciousness into every facet of our practice.

"Using the wrong fragrance is more terrifying than using plastic. Are you still using the wrong fragrance? In fact, there is no wrong fragrance in the world, only unsuitable fragrance."

This is a belief that I wholeheartedly embrace. It goes beyond just selecting a fragrance; it reflects our reverence for life and the environment.

Our vision extends beyond mere profitability. We strive to lead people towards a green life, making environmental protection a way of life for all. It all begins with choosing a fragrance that aligns with your individuality. We firmly believe that the impact of "Choosing the Right Fragrance" on the Earth far surpasses imagination. If you share this vision with us, I sincerely invite you to be a part of our journey.

Together, we can make a difference and create a sustainable future where each fragrance choice contributes to the greater good of the planet and its inhabitants. Join us in this endeavor, and let's shape a greener world hand in hand.

- Tooony, Founder of DQNN.

『用錯的香氛比塑膠更恐怖,你還在用錯香氛嗎?世界上沒有錯的香氛,只有不適合的香氛。』這是我深信的信念。這不單單只是關於香氛的選擇,更是一種對生活和環境的尊重。  我們的願景,並非只在於盈利,而是希望引領人們走向綠色生活,讓環保成為每一個人的生活方式。而一切,都從選擇適合自己的香氛開始。我們深信,『選對香氛』對地球的貢獻遠超乎你的想像。若你同我們一樣,對這個願景有所共鳴,那麼,我誠摯地邀請你,成為我們的一份子。  — 東區暖男創辦人 彭倏耕