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Fragrance Experience Set

Not sure if the fragrance you chose is your favorite scent? Unable to visit the store in person?

Introducing the "Fragrance Experience Set"

- A set offering 6 fragrance options, allowing you to easily experience scent testing at home!


DQNN201 Rose|Fragrance|Middle Note M32

DQNN202 White Jasmine|Fragrance|Middle Note M33

DQNN203 Cut Grass|Fragrance|Middle Note M34

DQNN204 Dutch Lavender|Fragrance|Middle Note M35

DQNN205 Red Osmanthus|Fragrance|Middle Note M36

DQNN206 Classic Jasmine|Fragrance|Middle Note M37

DQNN207 Lavender|Fragrance|Middle Note M38

DQNN208 Blue Bell|Fragrance|Middle Note M39

DQNN209 Freesia|Fragrance|Middle Note M40

DQNN210 Magnolia|Fragrance|Middle Note M41

DQNN211Star Magnolia|Fragrance|Middle Note M42

DQNN212 Nectarine Blossom|Fragrance|Middle Note M43

DQNN213 Geranium|Fragrance|Middle Note M44

DQNN214 Pink Cherry|Fragrance|Middle Note M45

DQNN215 Seremban|Fragrance|Middle Note M46


DQNN216 Pontederia Crassipes|Fragrance|Middle Note M47

DQNN217 Golden Osmanthus|Fragrance|Middle Note M48

DQNN218 Pink Rose|Fragrance|Middle Note M49

DQNN219 Velvet Rose|Fragrance|Middle Note M50

DQNN220 Agarwood|Fragrance|Base Note B01

DQNN221 Hyacinth|Fragrance|Base Note B02

DQNN222 Fig|Fragrance|Base Note B03

DQNN223 Rose Musk|Fragrance|Base Note B04

DQNN224 Dark Sandalwood|Fragrance|Base Note B05

DQNN225 Classic Sandalwood|Fragrance|Base Note B06

DQNN226 Honey|Fragrance|Base Note B07

DQNN227 Milk Sandalwood|Fragrance|Base Note B08

DQNN228 India Sandalwood|Fragrance|Base Note B09

DQNN229 Ginseng|Fragrance|Base Note B10

DQNN230 Hinoki|Fragrance|Base Note B11


DQNN231 Musk|Fragrance|Base Note B12

DQNN232 White Musk|Fragrance|Base Note B13

DQNN233 Vanilla|Fragrance|Base Note B14

DQNN234 Chocolate|Fragrance|Base Note B15

DQNN235 Peach|Fragrance|Base Note B16

DQNN236 Woody Symphony|Fragrance|Base Note B17

DQNN237 Lily of the Valley|Fragrance|Base Note B18

DQNN238 Amber 1|Fragrance|Base Note B19

DQNN239 Pine|Fragrance|Base Note B20

DQNN240 Musk and Oak Moss|Fragrance|Base Note B21

DQNN241 Patchouli|Fragrance|Base Note B22

DQNN242 Coconut Milk|Fragrance|Base Note B23

DQNN243 Amber 2|Fragrance|Base Note B24

DQNN244 Vetiver|Fragrance|Base Note B25

DQNN245 Amber 3|Fragrance|Base Note B26


DQNN246 Coffee|Fragrance|Base Note B27

DQNN247 Iris x White Musk|Fragrance|Base Note B28

DQNN248 Ylang|Fragrance|Base Note B29

DQNN249 Cocount|Fragrance|Base Note B30

DQNN250 Citronella|Fragrance|Base Note B31

DQNN251 Black Pepper|Fragrance|Base Note B32

DQNN252 Vanilla Coffee|Fragrance|Base Note B33

DQNN253 Smoked Ebony|Fragrance|Base Note B34

DQNN254 Benzoin|Fragrance|Base Note B35

DQNN255 Ginger|Fragrance|Base Note B36

DQNN256 Oak|Fragrance|Base Note B37

DQNN257 Incense|Fragrance|Base Note B38

DQNN258 Leather|Fragrance|Base Note B39

DQNN259 Juniper|Fragrance|Base Note B40

DQNN260 Musk x Cedar|Fragrance|Base Note B41


DQNN261 Woody Musk|Fragrance|Base Note B42

DQNN262 Mignonette|Fragrance|Base Note B43

DQNN263 Pine Resin|Fragrance|Base Note B44

DQNN264 Amber Sandal|Fragrance|Base Note B45

DQNN265 Clary Sage|Fragrance|Base Note B46

DQNN266 Red Sandalwood|Fragrance|Base Note B47

DQNN267 Katafray|Fragrance|Base Note B48

DQNN268 Pinus Sylvestris|Fragrance|Base Note B49

DQNN269 Silver Fir|Fragrance|Base Note B50

DQNN270 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN271 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN272 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN273 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN274 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN275 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note


DQNN276 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN277 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN278 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN279 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN280 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN281 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN282 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN283 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN284 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN285 Fine Fragrance|Fougère Note

DQNN286 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN287 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN288 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN289 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN290 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note


DQNN291 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN292 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN293 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN294 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN295 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN296 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN297 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN298 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN299 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

DQNN300 Fine Fragrance|Chypre Note

Fragrance Experience Set

Fragrance Experience Set

- A set offering 6 fragrance options, allowing you to easily experience scent testing at home!