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Fragrance Experience Set

Not sure if the fragrance you chose is your favorite scent? Unable to visit the store in person?

Introducing the "Fragrance Experience Set"

- A set offering 6 fragrance options, allowing you to easily experience scent testing at home!


DQNN101 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Virgo|Aromatic Note

DQNN102 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Libra|Chypre Note

DQNN103 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Scorpio| Woody Note

DQNN104 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Sagittarius|Citrus Note

DQNN105 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Capricorn|Oriental Note

DQNN106 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Aquarius|Chypre Note

DQNN107 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Pisces| Floral Note

DQNN108 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Aries| CitrusNote

DQNN109 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Taurus|Fougère Note

DQNN110 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Gemini|Aromatic Note

DQNN111 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Cancer|Citrus Note

DQNN112 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Leo|Oriental Note

DQNN113 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Virgo|Aromatic Note

DQNN114 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Libra|Chypre Note

DQNN115 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Scorpio|Woody Note


DQNN116 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Sagittarius|Oriental Note

DQNN117 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Capricorn| WoodyNote

DQNN118 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Aquarius|Chypre Note

DQNN119 Zodiac Perfume Guardian Angel Series|Pisces|Floral Note

DQNN120 Orange|Fragrance| Top Note T01

DQNN 121 Linden Flower|Fragrance|Top Note T02

DQNN122 Papaya Flower|Fragrance|Top Note T03

DQNN123 Magnolia Flower|Fragrance|Top Note T04

DQNN124 Coal|Fragrance|Top Note T05

DQNN125 Cool Water|Fragrance|Top Note T06

DQNN126 Green Tea|Fragrance|Top Note T07

DQNN127 Ocean|Fragrance|Top Note T08

DQNN128 Litchi|Fragrance|Top Note T09

DQNN129 Bergamot|Fragrance|Top Note T10

DQNN130 Yuzu|Fragrance|Top Note T11


DQNN131 Lemon|Fragrance|Top Note T12

DQNN132 Yuzu Lime|Fragrance|Top Note T13

DQNN133 Apple|Fragrance|Top NoteT14

DQNN134 Chamomile|Fragrance|Top Note T15

DQNN135 Pear Blossom|Fragrance|Top Note T16

DQNN136 Watermelon|Fragrance|Top Note T17

DQNN137 Melon|Fragrance|Top Note T18

DQNN138 Sunflower|Fragrance|Top Note T19

DQNN139 Cold Spring|Fragrance|Top Note T20

DQNN140 Peppermint|Fragrance|Top Note T21

DQNN141 Lemon Soda|Fragrance|Top Note T22

DQNN142 Grape|Fragrance|Top Note T23

DQNN143 Lemon Verbena|Fragrance|Top Note T24

DQNN144 White Tea|Fragrance|Top Note T25

DQNN145 Pineapple|Fragrance|Top Note T26


DQNN146 Neroli|Fragrance|Top Note T27

DQNN147 Raseberry|Fragrance|Top Note T28

DQNN148 Strawberry|Fragrance|Top Note T29

DQNN149 Blueberry|Fragrance|Top Note T30

DQNN150 Calendulia|Fragrance|Top Note T31

DQNN151 Golden Basil|Fragrance|Top Note T32

DQNN152 Sencha|Fragrance|Top Note T33

DQNN153 Bamboo|Fragrance|Top Note T34

DQNN154 Honey Lemon|Fragrance|Top Note T35

DQNN155 Aloe Vera|Fragrance|Top Note T36

DQNN156 Cucumber|Fragrance|Top Note T37

DQNN157 Sage|Fragrance|Top Note T38

DQNN158 Eucalyptus|Fragrance|Top Note T39

DQNN159 White Yuzu|Fragrance|Top Note T40

DQNN160 Grapefruit|Fragrance|Top Note T41


DQNN161 Lemon Tea|Fragrance|Top Note T42

DQNN162 Lilac|Fragrance|Top Note T43

DQNN163 Passionfruit|Fragrance|Top Note T44

DQNN164 Blackberry|Fragrance|Top Note T45

DQNN165 Frangipani|Fragrance|Top Note T46

DQNN166 Hay|Fragrance|Top Note T47

DQNN167 Ivy|Fragrance|Top Note T48

DQNN168 Lotus|Fragrance|Top Note T49

DQNN169 Hibiscus|Fragrance|Top Note T50

DQNN170 Red Rose|Fragrance|Middle Note M01

DQNN171 Tuberose|Fragrance|Middle Note M02

DQNN172 Green Leaf|Fragrance|Middle NoteM03

DQNN173 Peony|Fragrance|Middle Note M04

DQNN174 Lily|Fragrance|Middle Note M05

DQNN175 Cherry Blossom|Fragrance|Middle Note M06


DQNN176 Poppy Flower|Fragrance|Middle Note M07

DQNN177 Fendoline|Fragrance|Middle Note M08

DQNN178 Gardenia|Fragrance|Middle Note M09

DQNN179 Perfume Rose|Fragrance|Middle Note M10

DQNN180 Pink Peony|Fragrance|Middle Note M11

DQNN181 Saffron|Fragrance|Middle Note M12

DQNN182 Carnation|Fragrance|Middle Note M13

DQNN183 Green Olives|Fragrance|Middle Note M14

DQNN184 Daisy|Fragrance|Middle Note M15

DQNN185 Honeysuckle|Fragrance|Middle Note M16

DQNN186 Rose of Castile|Fragrance|Middle Note M17

DQNN187 Wild Rose|Fragrance|Middle Note M18

DQNN188 Tropical Floral|Fragrance|Middle Note M19

DQNN189 Tea Flower|Fragrance|Middle Note M20

DQNN190 Iris|Fragrance|Middle Note M21


DQNN 191 Thai Orchid|Fragrance|Middle Note M22

DQNN192 Verbena||Fragrance|Middle Note M23

DQNN193 Wormwood|Fragrance|Middle Note M24

DQNN194 Orchid|Fragrance|Middle Note M25

DQNN195 Grass|Fragrance|Middle Note M26

DQNN196 Wild GIinger Flower|Fragrance|Middle Note M27

DQNN197 Osmanthus|Fragrance|Middle Note M28

DQNN198 Jasmine|Fragrance|Middle Note M29

DQNN199 Violet|Fragrance|Middle Note M30

DQNN200 Plum Fruit|Fragrance|Middle Note M31

Fragrance Experience Set

Fragrance Experience Set

- A set offering 6 fragrance options, allowing you to easily experience scent testing at home!