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Fragrance Experience Set

Not sure if the fragrance you chose is your favorite scent? Unable to visit the store in person?

Introducing the "Fragrance Experience Set"

- A set offering 6 fragrance options, allowing you to easily experience scent testing at home!


DQNN001 DQNN No.1|Floral Note

DQNN002 DQNN No.2|Oriental Note

DQNN003 DQNN No.3|Chypre Note

DQNN004 Story Of The Cherry|Floral Note

DQNN005 Soft Aqua|Aronatic Note

DQNN006 Fruity Fresh Type|Floral Note

DQNN007 Forbidden Love|Oriental Note

DQNN008 Morning Hug|Cistrus Note


DQNN010 Kiss Goodnight|Chypre Note

DQNN011 Eternal Happiness|Aromatic Note

DQNN012 Icy Beauty|Oriental Note

DQNN013 Gold Rum|Oriental Note

DQNN014 Arrest your heart|Fougère Note

DQNN015 Forelsket|Floral Note


DQNN016 Lavender|Floral Note

DQNN017 Grapefruit|Citrus

DQNN018 Strawberry|Citrus Note

DQNN020 Childhood|Floral Note

DQNN019 One In A Million|Floral Note(Sold Out)

DQNN021 Miracle Of Love|Floral Note

DQNN022 OBST|Floral Note

DQNN023 Château Rose|Oriental Note

DQNN024 Flying Angel|Oriental Note(Sold Out)

DQNN025 Rose Garden|Floral Note(Sold Out)

DQNN026 Cherry Festival|Floral Note

DQNN027 Better Tomorrow|Chypre Note

DQNN028 C'est La Vie|Citrus Note

DQNN029 Take Me Away|Fougère Note

DQNN030 Summer Forest|Woody Note


DQNN031 Surpassing Beauty|Oriental Note

DQNN032 Wonderland|Woody Note

DQNN033 Bartholomew|Aromatic Note

DQNN034 Classic Parfum|Floral Note

DQNN035 Peach Passion|Citrus Note

DQNN036 Apple Temptation|Fougère Note

DQNN037 Fresh Green|Aromatic Note

DQNN038 Meet Cute - Oolong & Black Tea|Citrus Note(Sold Out)

DQNN039 Fearless Love|Oriental Note

DQNN040 Unbeatable|Oriental Note(Sold Out)

DQNN041 Magnetic Charm|Floral Note

DQNN042 Caribbean Sea|Fougère Note

DQNN043 Little Mimosa|Oriental Note

DQNN044 Midsummer Night|Chypre Note

DQNN045 Neptunus|Fougère Note


DQNN046 Black Swan|Woody Note

DQNN047 Embrasse - Moi|Floral Note

DQNN048 Rose|Floral Note

DQNN049 Juniper Berry|Essential Oil EO-13

DQNN050 Australian Tea Tree|Essential Oil EO-28

DQNN051 Wormwood|Essential Oil EO-19

DQNN052 Peppermint|Essential Oil(Sold Out)

DQNN053 Bergamot Orange|Essential Oil EO-01

DQNN054 Geranium|Essential Oil EO-9

DQNN055 True Lavender|Essential Oil EO-14

DQNN056 Lemon|Essential Oil(Sold Out)

DQNN057 Marjoram Spanish|Essential Oil EO-18

DQNN058 Eucalyptus Globulus|Essential Oil EO-7

DQNN059 Cedarwood|Essential Oil EO-3

DQNN060 Cypress|Essential Oil EO-6


DQNN061 Clary Sage|Essential Oil EO-5

DQNN062 Musk A|Oriental Note

DQNN063 Musk B|Oriental Note

DQNN064 Irresistible|Oriental Note

DQNN065 Green Tea|Aromatic Note

DQNN066 Green Apple|Citrus Note

DQNN067 Grapefruit|Essential Oil EO-11

DQNN068 Orange|Essential Oil EO-21

DQNN069 Aloe Vera Cucumber|Aromatic Note

DQNN070 Green Field|Aromatic Note

DQNN071 Rosemary|Essential Oil EO-27

DQNN072 Night of Kings|Woody Note

DQNN073 No Strings Attached Relationship|Chypre Note

DQNN074 Guilty Pleasure|Floral Note

DQNN075 The Dragonrobe|Fougère Note


DQNN076 The Eternity|Floral Note

DQNN077 The Closet|Chypre Note

DQNN078 Organic Lavender|Essential Oil EO-14

DQNN079 Sunrise|Chypre Note

DQNN080 Sunet|Woody Note

DQNN081 Ginger|Essential Oil EO-10

DQNN082 Bergamot Orange|Essential Oil

DQNN083 True Lavender|Essential Oil

DQNN084 Petitgrain|Essential Oil EO-25

DQNN085 Marjoram|Essential Oil

DQNN086 Virginian Cedarwood|Essential Oil

DQNN087 Rosemary|Essential Oil

DQNN088 Geranium|Essential Oil

DQNN089 Eucalyptus|Essential Oil

DQNN090 Ylang-Ylang|Essential Oil EO-30


DQNN091 Osmanthus|Essential Oil EO-22

DQNN092 Neroli|Essential Oil EO-20

DQNN093 Rosa Damascena|Essential Oil EO-26

DQNN094 Jasmine Grand|Essential Oil EO-12

DQNN095 Chamomile|Essential Oil EO-4

DQNN096 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Aries|Citrus Note

DQNN097 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Taurus|Fougère Note

DQNN098 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Gemini| Fougère Note

DQNN099 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Cancer|Floral Note

DQNN100 Zodiac Perfume Lucky Series|Leo|Woody Note

Fragrance Experience Set

Fragrance Experience Set

- A set offering 6 fragrance options, allowing you to easily experience scent testing at home!