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Cancer perfume: affectionate floral notes, although seemingly sensitive and shy, but my delicate signs of love are hidden in the warmth of the zodiac fragrance

By Jerry Su Apr 26.2022

"Always leaving that warm and sincere smile, motherly Cancer, have you ever understood their inner heart?"


The sensitive and observant Cancer would definitely notice the romantic and friendly floral perfume


Cancer's mind is very delicate, the ability to understand people is also particularly strong. Therefore, it is not difficult for Cancer to understand people, and they are willing to take care of their beloved ones. Needing to feel safe, they may occasionally be dramatic and accidentally lock themselves up when they get emotional. That is because they are eager to build a solid, deep, and intimate relationship.


If you are sensitive enough to use a perfume that belongs to Cancer on a date, you would definitely surprise him. You would also leave him a strong impression by showing him your sincerity.


Top Notes

Bergamot|French Tarragon


Middle Notes



Base Notes


The warm and thoughtful Cancer, transformed into a zodiac perfume, is still so delicate and harmonious


Cancer's affectionate floral fragrance is a fresh and gentle scent of bergamot and litchi. It is like the first meet, leaving a friendly and comfortable impression. The base notes that gradually arrive are musk and woody, bringing out the inner romance of Cancer and the sense of stability and security of home. 


When you smell the perfume of Cancer, you walk into the heart of Cancer, being warmly embraced by the red sofa at home.


Discover Cancer perfume, a romantic waltz composed with floral notes by a French certified perfumer 


The gentle and sincere Cancer has an understanding heart, Which makes the perfumer want to use floral notes to create a scent that belongs solely to Cancer. Floral notes are one of the most widely known fragrances, used to express the pleasure of a spring stroll in the garden. 


Not only that, but floral is also a favorite note for many classic fragrances, as it brings out a fresh and soft smell, and has a soothing, calming, and stabilizing effect. It makes people embrace in a loving and harmonious environment, just like the impression given by Cancer, so tender and considerate, so caring.


Fine Orange Series

There are a huge number of intact oranges eliminated from sluggish sales or wonky appearance each year, which brings about the serious Food Waste Problem around the world. In order to “SAVE” these intact and fresh oranges, we select and reserve the best quality oranges to extract the essence from each of them. Subsequently, combined with the Classic Skincare Formula from Dong Qu Nuan-Nan, then create this Fine Orange Series.

Dong Qu Nuan-Nan successfully extends the LIFE CYCLE of oranges. Instead of food wasting, we make the oranges become the excellent Fine Orange Series. Let sustainability be part of our daily life.

"The delicate and gentle Cancer is like affectionate floral notes, quietly accompanying you and guarding everything you do. The romantic scent surrounds you anytime and anywhere you go.”

French Certified Perfumer

From the perfume capital of Grasse, France


Vic Ho is one of the few "Taiwanese perfumers" to be interviewed in France, as he holds the "DDP Perfumer's License". He also holds international licenses such as "THEGUIDE Skin Care License in UK", "IPHM Naturopathic Executive License in UK", and "NAHA Holistic Aromatherapist License in USA". In the past few years, he has assisted many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to carry out "French fragrance consulting services", and then assisted in "corporate fragrance creation services". In 2019, he joined Dong Qu Nuan-Nan, leading more people to know more about the authentic French fragrance creation. In addition, in 2021, Dong Qu Nuan-Nan became the official exclusive agency of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery (GIP) in Taiwan.

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